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About Us

From 15 moms to 2,000+ caregivers!

Petworth Peanuts is a 100% volunteer-based 501c3 organization that connects and supports Petworth-area parents of young children (newborn to ~5 years of age). Peanuts programs include: the newborn cohort program, community service initiatives, the continuing education speaker series, social events and play dates, as well as a a variety of free and discounted parenting resources. Peanuts membership starts at just $35 per year and is designed to be accessible to all.


how it began

Peanuts was created in March 2020 by two new moms. "Cohort 1" began with just 15 post-partum women and included weekly Zoom sessions with subject matter experts, including lactation consultants, pelvic floor therapists, yoga instructors, baby sign language specialists, and more. Recognizing the demand for an accessible caregivers' support organization in the community, Peanuts began meeting in-person and hosting free member and community events and service initiatives. Peanuts also grew its membership to include dads, adoptive parents, and all caregivers of babies and toddlers.


As of Fall 2023, Peanuts has directly supported over 2000+ caregivers in our Newborn Cohort program with 500+ active member families with older babies and toddlers. Plus, over 7,000 area residents have enjoyed our FREE community events! Peanuts continues to experience exponential growth and we're so excited to continue to expand our caregiver and community impact!


Our future

Peanuts is now a 501c3 organization and will always remain accessible to all Greater Petworth-area caregivers interested in education, socialization, and community service.


Unlike similar organizations, our dues are only $35 per year per family - and we don't charge admission to our community events - so we need your help to continue to be able to provide services to the Petworth caregiver community.

Click here to help Petworth Peanuts continue our work,

and click here to become a Peanut!


Meet the Volunteer Peanuts Board 

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