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Petworth Peanuts is 100% volunteer-run, which means our events and programs are fully dependent on the donated time and talents of our amazing members! If you're interested in getting involved, check out our current volunteer opportunities below.


Newborn moms holding their babies

Lead a Cohort

If you're a new parent and planning to join a Newborn Cohort, consider being a Cohort Leader! Our Cohort Leaders help remind cohort members about scheduled speakers/meet ups, introduce speakers, and lead discussions. Cohort speakers are organized by the Membership Committee, so the workload for cohort leaders is minimal - but it's amazing opportunity to meet lots of caregivers to similarly aged children while directly supporting the Greater Petworth community. Contact us to for more information!


Join a Committee

We have some awesome committee opportunities, no matter your interest! Consider joining one of our Events Committees (major events, community service events, internal/member events), or our new Committee on Community, Equity and Belonging.

Click here to send us a message and get started.

Peanut parents and children pose with the Easter Bunny at our annual Eggstravaganza egg hunt
A mother and daughter use a laptop together


Cohort Speaker Support

Identifying and scheduling our volunteer cohort speakers is a critical job, but not a tough one! We're looking for a volunteer to support this process, which primarily entails emailing speakers in our database and/or identifying new potential speakers willing to donate their time and expertise. This volunteer will work closely with our Membership Development & Support officer, Kirstin Krudwig.  


Share your time & talents!

Do you have expertise in newborn/postpartum-related topics? We'd love to feature you as a Cohort Guest Speaker! Or perhaps you're a graphic designer? Non-profit attorney? Professional photographer, etc? Even if you just have a little extra time to lend, let's talk!

Volunteers pack donations into boxes

Other ideas for getting involved? Contact us!

We'd love to work together.

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